The United Kingdom is a top choice for Indian students wanting to study abroad. It has famous universities and a booming job scene. When planning to study here, knowing the cost of living is key. The monthly living cost in the UK for Indian students is around 84.7k INR1. This is quite affordable compared to places like the USA, which makes it a great option for students.

For Indian students in the UK, major expenses include tuition, visa costs, housing, food, internet, and studying materials. Tuition fees vary, between 8L-35L INR per year, depending on your course and university1. Be ready for visa fees of about 49k INR1.

Where you live and what you eat will also impact your budget greatly. University housing might cost 45k-65k INR monthly, while renting off-campus can be 92.3k-1.8L INR1. Eating out will cost you 10k-20k INR monthly1. Remember, internet, transport, and utility bills are around 4k, 3k-4k, and 6k INR per month, respectively. Then there’s spending on clothing and fun activities1.

Costs change from city to city, with London being the priciest. It’s smarter to look into the cost of your preferred city well. This can affect your financial plans2.

Studying in the UK can be a life-changing adventure for Indian students. But, knowing the costs is crucial. Don’t forget, there are scholarships and financial help out there. With proper planning, your UK study dream can come true.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average cost of living in the UK for Indian students is estimated to be around 84.7k INR per month1.
  • Tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the UK range from 8L-35L INR per year, depending on the university and course1.
  • When budgeting for living expenses, consider costs for accommodation, meals, internet, transportation, and personal expenses1.
  • The cost of living can vary between cities, with London generally being more expensive than other cities in the UK2.
  • Scholarships and financial aid options are available to help mitigate the cost of studying in the UK2.

Cost of Studying in the UK for Indian Students

Studying in the UK is a great chance for Indian students to get a top-notch education. It also opens up new experiences. But, students must think about the costs, like tuition fees and living expenses.

Tuition Fees

For undergrad studies, UK tuition fees can be from 8L to 30.5L INR a year. Postgrad programs might cost between 12L to 35.5L INR yearly1. What you pay depends on the school, the class, and how well-known they are. For instance, well-known schools like the University of Cambridge or University College London will likely cost more for both undergrad and postgrad studies1.


Getting a scholarship can make a huge difference for Indian students in the UK. Scholarships can help with paying for school and life in the UK. It’s smart for students to look for scholarships from schools, the government, and other outside groups1.

Cost of Living

Besides school fees, Indian students need to think about daily living in the UK. The usual monthly living cost for Indian students is about 84.7k INR1. This covers rent, food, bills, travel, and extras.


The cost of a place to stay in the UK changes based on the kind and where it is. Expect to pay from 45k-65k INR if you live on campus. But, a one-bedroom apartment in the city can go up to 1.6L INR a month1. Choosing a place to stay means looking at various costs and what suits your budget and lifestyle.

Other Expenses

There are more costs beyond school and housing. Think about visa fees, food, going around, books, and personal spending. Visa fees for Indian students are around 53,972 INR1. Every day costs, like meals, can differ but plan for around 10k-20k INR a month. Add in travel fees, like a monthly bus pass, to your budget1.

It’s crucial for Indian students to add up all costs for studying in the UK. Include fees, scholarship help, and daily living costs. Planning your finances well is key to a smooth study abroad journey.

Indian students studying in the UK

ExpenseAverage Monthly Cost
Accommodation (University Housing)45k-65k INR1
Accommodation (1-bedroom apartment in City Centre)1.6L INR1
Meals10k-20k INR1
UtilitiesElectricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage: 26.7k INR1
TransportationMonthly Bus/Transport Pass: 16k INR1
Visa Charges53,972 INR1


Studying in the UK offers Indian students a top-notch education and rich cultural experiences.3The cost of living for them starts at 84.7k INR every month. Tuition fees vary by university and program.

Indian students should carefully look at their finances. They need to think about living and studying costs in the UK. Scholarships can help lower these expenses. Researching different universities and programs is key.

The UK provides a great education for Indian students. They will find chances for both personal and career growth.


What is the average cost of living in the UK for Indian students?

Living costs in the UK for Indian students average around 84.7k INR each month.

What expenses do Indian students in the UK have to consider?

Indian students in the UK need to think about tuition, visa, where to live, food, internet, and more.

How much do tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the UK range?

Studying in the UK costs between 8L-35L INR a year, based on what you study and where.

How much are the visa charges for Indian students applying for a student visa in the UK?

Getting a study visa costs around 49k INR for Indian students.

How much does accommodation cost for Indian students in the UK?

Where you live affects how much you pay. A dorm room is 45k-65k INR a month. Renting a place can be 92.3k-1.8L INR monthly.

How much do meals cost for Indian students in the UK?

Eating out can cost 10k-20k INR monthly for Indian students.

How much do utilities like internet and electricity cost for Indian students in the UK?

For electricity, internet, and water, expect to pay 4k-26.7k INR a month.

What are the transportation costs for Indian students in the UK?

Moving around varies in cost, with buses, trains, and flights as options.

What are the dining options and costs for Indian students in the UK?

The UK has everything from cheap fast food to fancy dinners.

How do expenses vary in different cities in the UK for Indian students?

Costs change based on the city. London is usually more pricey than other places like Manchester or Edinburgh.

How much do undergraduate and postgraduate programs cost for Indian students studying in the UK?

Undergraduate degrees vary from 8L-30.5L INR yearly, and postgraduate from 12L-35.5L INR.

Are scholarships available for Indian students studying in the UK?

Scholarships exist to ease the financial load on Indian students in the UK.

What are some top universities in the UK with different average tuition fees for Indian students?

Top UK universities like Cambridge and the London School of Economics charge various fees for their programs.

Is studying in the UK a good opportunity for Indian students?

Yes, the UK offers a top-tier education along with diverse cultural experiences for Indian students.

What should Indian students consider before studying in the UK?

Before deciding, think about your budget and all the costs you will have. Also, check out different schools and courses carefully.

Are there opportunities for personal and professional growth for Indian students in the UK?

Yes, the UK’s education system supports both personal development and career growth for Indian students.